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Business Affiliate Benefits

Annual Conference

Our annual conference hosted in Toronto provides a stage to share insights on industry relevant topics.  Presentation submissions from business affiliates are preferred and prioritized when building out the agenda.

Educational Resources

As a business affiliate you will be given the opportunity to share white papers, product specs and any other educational content within our members only resource centre.

Networking Activities

We recognize the importance of face to time with clients and prospects and strive to create numerous opportunities when for dialogue and fun when we gather our members together.


Webinars are hosted 5 to 6 times a year creating a focused forum for business affiliates to share insights and best practices with the membership.

Brand Awareness

Sponsorship opportunities are provided to business affiliates providing a platform for you to showcase your brand.  Whether at an event or on our Affiliate Spotlight feature on the website we will put your company front and centre.


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